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Presented by Rob McKrill


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street food

Rob has been taking and making photographs since age 14.  He's a huge fan of black and white photography, and a lot of you know that he's hooked on street photography.  He was lucky enough to study photography at TAFE in the 1970’s, and the things that he learned as a 16- and 17-year-old has stuck with him for life.    


In this presentation we’ll revisit some key concepts and techniques in exposure for photography.  The photograph above was taken using the matrix meter setting in my camera.  The tonal range of the image is average and even, nicely lit, no extreme bright or dark areas.  Exposing images like this are fool proof with the meter in the camera.  But what if the tonality and lighting are outside the range of average.  Snow, white sand, an image with mostly black or very dark areas, a tiny light area of average set against a very dark background—or a sunset.  Its times like these that we need to override the camera’s meter and make some exposure decisions that will determine how we want the image to ultimately look.  
We’ll look at how our camera light meters work and doesn’t work.  There’s a bit of myth and hype busting here.   We’ll have a look at a few things that you can do to measure and read exposure and take a little more control to tackle scenes that are lit in a non-average way.  The good news is that we can take more control of exposure without spending up big on more gadgets.  And, getting it sorted in the camera means less post processing.  This applies to all types of photography.  Bring your wisdom and your questions!

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