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 08/04/2020 Members Night


Roger Severn, WAPF President and WCC member




There is a growing anxiety with some members of the public about being photographed in public especially if children are involved. Whilst there are no laws prohibiting street photography including people in public, the photographer may be challenged and placed in an embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation. Roger's talk will clarify the distinction between private and public places, the Surveillance Act 1988, and police powers to issue move on notices. Short case study videos will supplement the talk.

Jane Speijers
22/04/2020 Guest Speaker


Jon Miller



Jon worked in the entertainment industry for 20+ years shooting entertainers from the music, television and movie industries. Fifteen years ago he retired as a fulltime photographer and now shoots small commercial projects for select clients and his own surrealistic artwork which he displays at art festivals around the world. 

Jon will talk about lighting for portraits and the various styles you can use to render certain moods.  The photographer must consider whether the image is to be a business portrait, an image of a person in their usual environment wanting something that is different from the normal portrait or art portraiture. He will describe the tools and equipment needed and how to get the subject to relax and get into the moment.

Jane Speijers
06/05/2020 Exhibition

Portrait – Environmental - Relationships

Judge: Cyrus Roussilhes


A portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment which shows an obvious
relationship between people. Their usual environment can be in their home or
workplace, and typically illuminates the subjects’ life and surroundings. Done well,
the portrait should give us further insight into the life or character of the subjects,
Animal portraits will not be accepted.
Cec Gore Perpetual Trophy awarded to best
subject image.

PRINT EXHIBITIONS - suspended until further notice.

Exhibition Director
03/06/2020 Exhibition

 Patterns in Nature

Judge: Ian Sampson


Patterns in nature are visible regularities of form found in the natural world. These patterns recur in different contexts and can sometimes be modelled mathematically. Natural patterns include symmetries, trees, spirals, meanders, waves, forms, tessellations, cracks and stripes.

PRINT EXHIBITIONS - suspended until further notice

Exhibition Officer
01/07/2020 Exhibition

Landscape – Water’s Edge

Judge: Alan Carter


A landscape which incorporates a water’s edge. This can be seascapes, riverscapes or an image containing all or part of a dam, lake or pond. A landscape may include objects such as boats, people or animals provided they do not dominate the image.

President’s Perpetual Trophy awarded to best subject Print.

Alf White Perpetual Shield awarded to best subject Projected image.

PRINT EXHIBITIONS - suspended until further notice

Exhibition Director
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