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 23/06/2021 Workshop


with Tony Luha




Learn how to take double exposures with your cmera. Bring your camera, your camera manual and a tripod.  


This workshop has been run in the past and it was a lot of fun.

Gary Tarbert
30/06/2021 Guest Speaker

By Steven Gotz

This is a ZOOM meeting




There are many reasons to practice photography at a zoo. It is not just about crafting photographs of animals looking like they are in their native habitat. It might also be about the environments that have been created for the animals or the people who visit the zoo.

When Steven retired in 2015, he started practicing his photography at the Oakland Zoo in Northern California. He became the volunteer photographer and a Docentat at the zoo and he realised that Zootography was his true love. Steven will stress the importance of studying the animals at the zoo to learn their habits and understand their biology in order to provide better opportunities for photographs.

He will address some of the challenges of zootography, such as shooting through fencing or glass as well as using the zoo to prepare yourself to photograph animals out in the wild. 

Bruno Kongawoin
07/07/2021 Exhibition


Judge - Tony Hewitt


Any scape taken at twilight, either morning or evening.

 President’s Perpetual Trophy awarded to best subject Print

Alf White Perpetual Shield awarded to best subject Projected image 


Exhibition Officer
21/07/2021 Guest Speaker

STILL LIFE You're in Control

By Richard Goodwin

Back in time 



Richard will look at the fun and challenges of creating Still Life images. He will discuss the three branches of the genre and how to maximise your imagination. Drawing on scores of his own examples, Richard will also provide practical tips on choosing objects, arranging them, selecting backgrounds, composing and editing. There's an outline of other useful tools, associated applications and techniques. Most of all, the talk is designed to inspire . . . to get you motivated to have a go!


Jane Speijers
04/08/2021 Exhibition


Judge - Tony Luha


Vivid and bright colours, such as yellow, automatically draw the eye and lift an image. This makes them an excellent tool for brave and bold images and photographers alike. Flowers, wildlife, the golden glow of sunshine, 'yellow' is everywhere. Train yourself to see it and show us your glowing results. Your subject can be anything you choose as long as yellow is the main colour in the image. Try to be creative with your images.  

 Subject categories: taken within the last 24 months,

Open categories: no date limit



Exhibition Officer
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