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 23/01/2019 Members Night





Canning Arts Centre

Start 7:30pm


This is your chance to influence what happens at WCC in 2019.  That includes speakers, workshops, exhibitions, photo shoots, weekend trips, and anything else members would like to discuss. The planning meeting in 2018 produced lots of good ideas and information that influenced our meetings in 2018.


As part of the evening Tony Luha will be explaining changes to judging criteria for our exhibitions in 2019.


 Light refreshments will be provided during the meeting.

Georgina Wilson
30/01/2019 Workshop




Learn about taking close-up images and try out the equipment.


Our own Kim Stewart, Philip Unsworth and Keith Lightbody will be displaying and discussing (pros and cons) equipment used for close-up photography - macro lenses, expansion tubes, bellows, lighting, flash units, reflectors. Kim Stewart will be discussing macro and focus stacking accessories and demonstrate using Zarene Stacker with particular attention to removing artefacts. Phil Unsworth will cover considerations of perspective and depth of field when working very close to a subject, whilst Keith Lightbody will be talking about focus stacking using photoshop.


Members will then have an opportunity to use the equipment at a number of stations.


Kim Stewart
06/02/2019 Exhibition

Close Up - Inorganic Subject


An image which displays detail not usually observable by the human eye of an inorganic subject.


Note - Inorganic materials are generally derived from non-living sources, such as rocks or minerals.   To assist in finding potential subjects for this competition, in addition to the more obvious geological forms in nature, consider detailed observations of, for example, concrete, rust, metals (gold, silver, copper, iron, etc), glass (enamel, beads, volcanic), ceramics (porcelain, stoneware, brick).  

Organic objects, such as wood, plastic, cotton or anything living are not eligible.

Another example, table sugar is organic because it is derived from a plant, but table salt is inorganic.

Exhibition Officer
13/02/2019 Guest Speaker

From Good to Great: What makes an award-winning nature photo?


Georgina Steytler: 2018 UK Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Behaviours Invertebrates section


Georgina will run through what she learnt at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in London, what makes an award-winning photo and what the judges look for. She will also take a look at some of her own award-winning images and talk about how, when, where and why she took them.


You can see Georgina's work on her website


20/02/2019 Guest Speaker


 All Creatures

Join Craig Franke as he walks you through the amazing world of animal photography.


Craig will help you uncover the myths and mystic around macro photography and provide you with useful tips and techniques on capturing wildlife photographs that will take you to the next level.


Please be aware that during the presentation he may show images of spiders

Greg Hilton
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