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 28/09/2022 Members Night

Photography Skills




Presented by Andrew Marriott 


Andrew is going to talk about Stitching

Bring along your camera to this Challenge and learn a new skill for stitching images together to create 100+ megapixel images easily. This means that you can produce very large prints for your wall, or images for books that require very fine detail.


The presentation will give some background, some pointers to stitching programs, as well as giving an abundance of examples in the Landscape, Flora, Fauna, People, Sunset, etc genres, and the problems that go with stitching images for that genre.


Andrew says it is not hard you just need to practise and then it becomes second nature when looking at a scene. I regularly create 100+ megapixel images.


The talk will also point you to several free PDF eBooks about stitching.


Long Exposure Photography


long exposure 


Presented by Jane Speijers 


A long exposure is created when the camera's shutter is left open for an extended period of time. In the resulting image stationary elements are sharp while moving objects are blurred. Depending on how long the shutter is open moving objects may disappear altogether. The resulting images show something that our eyes cannot see and can give the viewer a completely different impression of a place. In this presentation we will see examples of creative long exposure photography and tips on how to take successful images.





 white arches


The aim of the photoshoot will be to practice our long exposure skills by photographing scenes of people and water around Elizabeth Quay. 


Bring along your camera, a suitable lens, a tripod and ND filters if you have them.


We will be meeting at 9am under the white arches.

Jane Speijers


9.30am at Canning Arts Centre

book sig

Any club member can join the SIG. For details contact one of the SIG leaders: Judith Shields, Chris Orrell or Jane Speijers

05/10/2022 Exhibition


Judge - 


Reflection photography is any photography that includes a reflection. You can capture good reflection photos of landscapes (with still water reflecting the scene), buildings (when they’re on a river, for instance), people reflected in buildings or water, and so much more.


Exhibition Officer
12/10/2022 Guest Speaker

Landscape and Aerial Photography

Presented via Zoom at 7.00pm by Mieke Boynton


Landscape and Aerial Photography” is an educational and engaging presentation by Internationally-acclaimed landscape photographer Mieke Boynton. In 2008, Mieke travelled to the rugged and remote Kimberley region of Western Australia and promptly fell in love with the landscape. She took up photography as a means to share her amazement with family and friends, and quickly caught the photography “bug.” Mieke became a full time professional photographer in 2018 and that same year, was named “Victorian Travel Photographer of the Year” by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. In 2019, she was awarded the title of AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year. She is the first Australian and first woman ever to win the renowned Epson International Pano Awards, with three of her abstract aerial photographs receiving Gold Awards. In 2021, she achieved her Masters distinction with the prestigious Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) - one of only 5 successful applicants world-wide. Mieke now lives in the beautiful alpine township of Bright in Victoria where she and her partner (award-winning photographer Matt Palmer) have opened their “Alpine Light” photography gallery. Her “Landscape and Aerial Photography” presentation begins with a very brief explanation of her background, and then – through audience interaction – highlights a series of maximum-impact elements of Landscape Photography in an engaging and entertaining way. The advice given is valuable for photographers at all levels. She also presents a selection of her aerial photographs and provides some useful advice for members if they wish to try their hand at this genre. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion and questions too!

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