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 29/11/2017 Guest Speaker


Dr Eddy Wajon -

A Passion for W.A. Flora and a

Keen Photographer.




Eddy Wajon is an environmental and water treatment consultant with a passion for flora and fauna.


He has more than 40 years’ experience in water and wastewater treatment, environmental and sustainability management, and environmental impact assessment.


Together with his wife, he owns conservation bush blocks in Tenterden (Mondurup View) and Boxwood Hill (Chingarrup Sanctuary) on which he has managed and personally undertaken revegetation and weed control. Chingarrup Sanctuary is located within the Gondwana Link. It was the first property in Gondwana Link purchased by private interests, and featured on the ABC Landline program on Gondwana Link in May 2014.


He has written, published and distributed four Colour Guides to the Spring Wildflowers of WA covering different regions including the South West and the Pilbara which have had combined sales of 55,000 since 1999. He has also published Jim Barrow’s book “How to Enjoy WA Wildflowers” which has sold more than 1,500 copies.


Eddy has contributed fauna, bird, pub (hotel), scenic, orchid and other wildflower photos to Australian calendars since 1998.



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