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 30/09/2020 Guest Speaker


Eva Cronin, Margaret River Camera Club


 emu in the sky


Eva's passion for photography was rekindled several years ago when she and her husband decided to take a break from their life in the city to travel around Australia in a caravan for seven months (with their Border Collie). She began spending more and more time behind the camera, challenging herself to try different techniques and types of photography (having the time to focus is a wonderful thing!).


Eva will cover a range of information relating to night photography including what you need to think about before you even start taking your night photos. She will cover some of the more technical aspects including useful equipment and tips for camera settings. The session will target general night photography as well as an introduction to astrophotography and nightscapes.

Jane Speijers
07/10/2020 Exhibition

Still Life (excluding animals and humans)

Judge: Colin White

Still life

Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of stationary subject matter, typically a small group of objects that features an arrangement of inanimate objects as its subject. Usually, these items are set on a table and often include
organic objects like fruit and flowers and household items like glassware and textiles.
It is the application of photography to the still life artistic style.

Exhibition Director
21/10/2020 Guest Speaker


30 years of bushwalking in our last wilderness

by Mike Donaldson




Mike Donaldson is a geologist who has spent much of his life in mineral exploration and related geological research in Australia and many other parts of the world. Mike has been bushwalking the Kimberley’s wild rivers for 30 years and discovery and photographic documentation of rock art in these remote and inaccessible areas has become a passion. He has shared these rarely seen treasures in a series of large format, high quality art books.


Come and discover our National Heritage listed art treasure that remain virtually unknown to most Australians. 

Jane Speijers
28/10/2020 Guest Speaker


by Polina Plotnikova

leaf by niggle 


Polina is a British photographer who specialises in still life and flower portraiture photography. In this talk she will describe her approach to flower photography which is somewhat similar to portrait photography. For every flower and plant that she photographs, she studies its mood and character, searching for a unique look that will unlock its hidden beauty. In doing so, she neither aims at creating an accurate botanical image, nor tries to capture the flower in its natural habitat. What matters is her creative interpretation of the flower.


Polina studied History of Arts in Moscow State University and then modern art in Christies educational programme in London. She has been teaching Creative Flower Portraiture and Still Life studio photography for a number of years.


Jane Speijers
04/11/2020 Exhibition

Photography as Art

Judge: Kelly Barker

photography as art

The purpose of this award is to encourage photographers to lift their thinking beyond traditional photographic criteria such as sharpness towards the qualities that characterise Great Art. This is easy to say but hard to define.

Ideally the image should capture something eternal, beautiful, noteworthy, striking or unusual. It would be a rare image that achieved all of these! People looking for examples should look to the all -time great art works for inspiration. Clearly these paintings will include but not be restricted to: portraits (such as Rembrandt, Leonardo), landscapes (such as Constable, van Gogh), abstracts (such as Rothko, Kandinsky), human form (such as Ruben, Rodin), and expressionism (such as Munch, Monet). Any amount or method of photo manipulation is acceptable, however the original image must have been taken by a camera or some other photographic process (e.g. a scanner).

The aim should be to produce an image that one would not be surprised to find hanging in the Perth Art Gallery.
Phil Deschamp Trophy awarded to best subject image

Exhibition Director
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