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 24/05/2017 Guest Speaker



Guest speaker Roger Groom

night sky 

Roger Groom:


Roger is an astro photographer from Western Australia with many years of photography experience. He runs regular photography workshops at the Perth Observatory in Bickley for astrophotography enthusiasts. Roger is the man behind the Facebook page, Astro Photography Australia, which he started in early 2004 in response to frequent requests for his astro photography. We are delighted to have him speak at Workshop Camera Club this week.
31/05/2017 Outing




Meet at 7:30pm


Bring your camera, tripod, remote shutter release etc.  If the weather is questionable check this calender entry after at 6:00pm on the evening.



07/06/2017 Exhibition

After Dark

Explore the possibilities of night photography. Try light trails, long exposures, blurred motion, flash, etc to capture images taken after dark.



By member request, the Open section this month will not be limited to images captured in the last 12 months.


So dust off the archives and show us how your post-processing skills have improved!


Exhibition Officer


Geof Temple(DigiDirect) – drone demonstration


Geoff Temple is the Assistant Manager of digiDIRECT in Cannington. He will be here tonight along with a DJI representative to talk to us about drone cameras. They will explain the different range of models that digiDIRECT deals with, describe the benefits of features of the models and talk about the different purposes of each model. They will have tips on set up and operation and explain the current laws and regulations relating to drones. Warranty and service issues will also be covered in his talk. They will give a demonstration on the connectivity between smart devices and drones, depending on area available and conditions there may be demonstration on a unit being flown.


28/06/2017 Members Night


Shutter Bugs - Faye Arcaro


We will explore a collection of my favourite photographs from around the world from Bali gardens, to Canada, USA, Bali, the Borneo jungle at night and my home in Australia. I will give you tips on how to photograph difficult or fast moving critters as we go on a virtual tour of bugs from around the world.



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