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 22/01/2020 Members Night





Canning Arts Centre

Start 7:30pm


This is your chance to influence what happens at WCC in 2020.  That includes speakers, workshops, exhibitions, photo shoots, weekend trips, and anything else members would like to discuss. Planning meetings in previous years produced lots of good ideas and information that influenced our meetings in following years.


Light refreshments will be provided during the meeting.

Jane Speijers
29/01/2020 Guest Speaker



Paul Irvine is an avid amateur macro photographer with a fascination for nature. In 2014 he found his first peacock spider and in 2016 he discovered an unknown, undescribed, peacock spider which has been named Maratus gemmifer. 


Paul will talk about his photographic subjects - how to find them and  how to shoot them - macro equipment, techniques and settings for shooting macro, the importance of diffusing harsh light, how and where to identify your finds. he will run through a demonstration of focus stacking. A hand out for making a home-made diffuser will be available to the group to take with them.




Paul Irvine
05/02/2020 Exhibition

Close Up

close up

An image which displays detail not usually observable by the
human eye that reflects the small/fine detail of a living thing or
derived from a living thing (excluding humans).

Exhibition Officer
19/02/2020 Guest Speaker

AGM followed by Flights of Fantasy

Jan Robinson



Jan is well known to many of our members as an organiser of the Perth Nationals Photographic Exhibition (Royal Show) for some 17 years and a former member of our club. Over the 52 years she has been interested in photography she has enjoyed all aspects of photography but since 2014 she has fallen in love with bird photography. 


Jan has won many photographic awards including the Canning Art Awards, the York Photographic Awards and many wins and awards at the Perth Nationals.


Jan's talk will include descriptions of her equipment and camera settings and examples of her winning photos as well as an audio visual presentaion on Our Beautiful State of Western Australia.


04/03/2020 Exhibition



Images entered in Nature sections meeting the Nature Photography Definition below can have landscapes, geologic formations, weather phenomena, and extant organisms as the
primary subject matter. This includes images taken with the subjects in controlled conditions, such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens, aquariums, and any enclosure where the subjects are totally dependent on humans. Please read the full definition in "PDF Definition of the Exhibitions"

Peter Olsen Trophy awarded to best subject image

Exhibition Director
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