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Wireless Hill PHOTOSHOOT
Come and photograph Donkey orchids. Spider orchids, Cowslip orchid, Dancing orchids, Rattlebeak orchids and Jug orchids
WHEN: 8 am Sunday 15 September
WHERE: Wireless Hill Reserve carpark, McCallum Crescent Ardross
WHAT TO BRING: Camera, tripod and macro lens and remote release (if you have them), anything else you think might be useful
Jane Speijers
18/09/2019 Guest Speaker





Jean Wilson is an artist and photographer.  After she took up photography in 2011 she quickly moved into image manipulation as it appealed to her artistic side.  In her presentation she will tell us about her journey of discovery into the world of Photoshop. 

She will talk about the history of image manipulation and show a few examples of image manipulation pre-Photoshop as well as touch on the ‘ethics’ of image manipulation.  After showing us her type of photography and discussing how she gets her ideas and inspiration she will talk about and then demonstrate how to make a composite image.

Jane Speijers
25/09/2019 Members Night

Six of the Best




Some of our most successful photographers, Greg Bell, Chris Hawkins, Frans Hugo, Theresa Pitter, Nola Sumner and Susan Vearncombe, will each show us six of their favourite images.  These may not be the images that have been most successful in competitions and exhibitions but the images that appeal most to our photographers. They will tell us about each of the images and why they like them.

Jane Speijers
02/10/2019 Exhibition

Architectural Composite

A photograph made by combining several distinct images, exploring architectural subjects.

Exhibition Officer
09/10/2019 Guest Speaker


Steve Fraser



Let’s take a look at the impact of light, colour and patterns on landscape photography and how scenes can be transformed from the mundane to the spectacular. Steve Fraser will discuss how these three elements can shape your landscape images and look at both the artistic and technical approach to capturing special moments and achieving great results.

Steve has not spoken at the club for a few years but has always been a favourite. His work has featured in books, leading magazines, and exhibitions all over the world. He has been a TEDx speaker in San Francisco, and the keynote speaker at International Photo week. 

Jane Speijers
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