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 Canning Arts Centre

Start 7:30pm

This is your chance to influence what happens at WCC in 2018.  That includes speakers, workshops, photo shoots, weekend trips, and anything else members would like to discuss. The planning meeting in 2017 produced lots of good ideas and information that your committee found very useful.




Light refreshments will be provided during the meeting.







 Lunar Elcipse Outing

Meeting Point to be Decided


Philip Unsworthj
07/02/2018 Exhibition

An abstract image depicting Perth

Abstract photography introduces the viewer to the essence of a subject, via a simple, pure portrayal of its visual components. The aim is to help the viewer gain an emotional, almost primeval link to the image. Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself, instead relying on form or shape, colour or texture to bring out only a few aspects of the subject.

With Perth as the subject, think about the lifestyle, skyline, black swans, sun, sea and sand, for example, to explore the unique attributes of our city.

Exhibition Officer

Wcc wants you


Following the AGM there will be a brief talk by club members that have completed the 52x2 challenge with a display of the resulting photobooks.


21/02/2018 Guest Speaker

Afishyanados of UW Photography!


Gary Browne

Andrea Carter

Andrew Marriott

andrew marriott
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