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 25/04/2018 Guest Speaker


Jimmy Teo

Wedding and Portrait photographer

Accredited member of the AIPP, Fearless Photographers, SIFGP, SWPP & WPPI.

2015 AIPP WA Documentary Photographer of the Year

2015 AIPP WA Top 3 Finalist for Travel Photographer of the Year

2014 AIPP WA Top 3 Finalist for Wedding Photographer of  the Year

2014 AIPP WA Top 2 Finalist for Wedding Album of the Year.


Lightroom Basics: From RAW to the finished image


Description of talk:
In this workshop, we'll walk through the process of using Adobe Lightroom to process
a RAW file so it's a finished product ready to be printed. We'll look at a wedding
photographer's workflow to learn the tips and tricks that helped me sort through the
thousands of images that I shoot on a weekly basis.



02/05/2018 Exhibition


A photograph of a person or persons in which the intent is to display their likeness, personality and even their mood and emotions. Portraits may range from a head study to full body length. This section includes candid photographs and formal portraits. Animal portraits will not be accepted.

Cec Gore Perpetual Trophy awarded to best subject image


Exhibition Officer
16/05/2018 Guest Speaker


Nicolas Marino

One Bicycle, One Camera, One World



Join adventurer and photographer, Nicolas Marino, on a journey that spans 88 countries (and counting) as he shares his experiences cycling around the world and living with and photographing cultures and sub-cultures that have resisted the expansion of the modern world. In his own words: "Portraying human beings and the environments where they live in; portraying the human condition in the uttermost dignifying way are my clear intentions because in every single person in this world there is dignity, there's humanity, there is something inside every one that intrinsically links them to me and that is what we all share in common."



06/06/2018 Exhibition


Roads go in all directions nowadays, through urban areas and country alike, through slums, parks and mountains. Some people’s lives are spent working or travelling on them. Where does your road take you?

Exhibition Officer
04/07/2018 Exhibition


A landscape implies an expanse of scenery. Landscape includes cityscapes, seascapes, riverscapes and sunsets. An image comprising solely of a single tree or building does not constitute a landscape. A landscape may include objects such as boats, people or animals provided they do not dominate the image.

President’s Perpetual Trophy awarded to best subject Print

Alf White Perpetual Shield awarded to best subject Projected image

Exhibition Officer
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