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John Huisman

Curator, Western Australian Herbarium




To most people, the mention of seaweeds conjures up images of rotting debris piled high on the beach or slithering threateningly around bare ankles during a paddle in the shallows. Certainly, the seaweeds do not inspire the imagination or the romanticism that is usually associated with the sea, and they are rarely viewed as photogenic. However, imagine plants with blue foliage that turns red in the dark, or iridescent plants, or plants that look like rocks painted in shades of pink. There are seaweeds with the consistency of jelly, or with fronds that form an intricate mesh that rivals the best lace. These plants have evolved a startling myriad of shapes, colours and patterns, certainly worthy of the photographer’s attention.


Dr John Huisman undertakes taxonomic research into the Western Australian marine plants at the WA Herbarium (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions). Over his working life, he has pursued a goal of a state-wide marine flora and he has written several books describing Australia’s tropical seaweeds.


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