Date Type Description
2020-07-15 Members Night


By Lucy Mandyczewsky

 Bathurst Lighthouse


Rottnest Island is a stunning A-Class nature reserve right on our doorstep.  It has beautiful natural landscapes and unique wildlife. Our speaker, Lucy Mandyczewsky, has been a members of the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association for more than 25 years, showing visitors the beauties and history of Rottnest on a regular basis. In this talk Lucy will tell us about the history of Rottnest and what it is like today.  There will also be a video with photos from WCC annual trips to Rottnest over the last nine years.


After Lucy's presentation Duncan Crawford will talk briefly about saving image files from phones and flash memory cards.


2020-07-22 Guest Speaker


Susan Moss



Susan will tell us about her visit to the China of 40 years ago, which is so different from today’s China.  She will show us images from that first visit.

Since then she has visited many different parts of China. In 2010 she spent a very memorable 4 days in Lhasa Tibet where the colourful clothing worn by the people, the buildings and distant snow-capped mountains were a photographer’s delight. In October 2019 she organised her second photography tour to China.

Susan will share her photographic experiences with us from point and shoot jpegs to the present day raw images on her Canon 5D mk1V. It has been quite a journey! 

2020-07-29 Guest Speaker



Beth Baker



Beth is an award winning AIPP accredited professional photographer whose passion is capturing the essence of our native flora.  She enjoys being outdoors exploring and discovering the beauty and uniqueness that lies within the Australian bush. Beth will show her style and discuss the thought process that occurs as she captures what she sees in an artistic way.  She will discuss light, composition, equipment, depth of field and basic camera settings.


As she talks Beth will present a slide show.  


2020-08-05 Exhibition

Splash of Colour

Judge: Lucy Mandyczewsky

splash of colour

A splash of colour is an area of a bright colour which contrasts strongly with all the other colours of the image.
Subject categories: taken within the last 24 months,
Open categories: no date limit

2020-08-19 Workshop


Colin White 



Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. Colin White will be leading us in a a practical session where photographers can create images containing Bokeh with their own equipment.  The workshop will be preceded by a talk covering all aspects of Bokeh - what is it, how is it pronounced, how to create it and what equipment is best, plus lots of examples of good and bad Bokeh.  

2020-08-26 Guest Speaker


Bob Cooper



 With many of our members spending more time photographing regional parts of Australia this year it is a good time to learn about outback survival. Bob Cooper is one of Australia’s leading bushcraft and survival instructors whose bushcraft skills have been developed over more than 40 years.  His talk will cover the psychology of fear in survival situations, where your emotions can override rational behaviour.


2020-09-02 Exhibition

Photojournalism – COVID 19

Judge - Duncan Barnes


An image that reflects the effect that the COVID 19 pandemic has had on society and/or our day to day lives.

Photojournalism implies story-telling photographs such as are seen in the news media and periodicals, which may include documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, sport news or human interest.
In the interest of credibility, contrived situations or photographic manipulations which alter the truth are not acceptable. The story telling value of the photograph shall be weighed more than the pictorial quality.
President’s Trophy awarded to best subject image

2020-10-07 Exhibition

Still Life (excluding animals and humans)

Judge: Colin White

Still life

Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of stationary subject matter, typically a small group of objects that features an arrangement of inanimate objects as its subject. Usually, these items are set on a table and often include
organic objects like fruit and flowers and household items like glassware and textiles.
It is the application of photography to the still life artistic style.

2020-11-04 Exhibition

Photography as Art

Judge: Kelly Barker

photography as art

The purpose of this award is to encourage photographers to lift their thinking beyond traditional photographic criteria such as sharpness towards the qualities that characterise Great Art. This is easy to say but hard to define.

Ideally the image should capture something eternal, beautiful, noteworthy, striking or unusual. It would be a rare image that achieved all of these! People looking for examples should look to the all -time great art works for inspiration. Clearly these paintings will include but not be restricted to: portraits (such as Rembrandt, Leonardo), landscapes (such as Constable, van Gogh), abstracts (such as Rothko, Kandinsky), human form (such as Ruben, Rodin), and expressionism (such as Munch, Monet). Any amount or method of photo manipulation is acceptable, however the original image must have been taken by a camera or some other photographic process (e.g. a scanner).

The aim should be to produce an image that one would not be surprised to find hanging in the Perth Art Gallery.
Phil Deschamp Trophy awarded to best subject image