Date Type Description
2019-05-22 Workshop

MERGING IMAGES: Panoramas, HDR and focus stacking



Tonight is all about merging photos to produce an enhanced image.


Our speakers, Diederik Speijers, Greg Hilton, Judith Shields and Tony Luha will be covering panoramas, exposure stacking (HDR) and focus stacking.  Their presentations will cover both how to take the photos and how to combine the images using Lightroom and other software.

2019-05-29 Guest Speaker




Kelly Barker who spoke to us about her surrealistic fine art photography last year will be telling us how to composite several images together using Photoshop. She will take us through the process she uses for her artistic composites, how some of her ideas are generated and the photoshop tools she uses. Photoshop with its endless possibilities is one of her favourite tools. It allows her to push the boundaries of her photography.

2019-06-05 Exhibition


What does ‘broken’ mean to you? It could be a relationship, a window or a piece of furniture that is no longer fit for purpose.

2019-06-12 Guest Speaker




Sean Breadsell is a street photographer with a passion for capturing moments in time and documenting life. Everyone has a story and Sean wanders the streets looking for these stories. In June, he will share his story with you.




2019-06-30 Photomarket



For the last 25 years Workshop Camera Club and NEPG have been running three Photomarkets each year. In recent years this activity has contributed about $2000 to our club annually.  Photomarket is a photographic swapmeet.  You can sell your photographic gear, digital, unwanted or antique, by booking a table ($15) with Bob Halligan (9364 5905) in early February or add your gear to the club table (contact Phil  You can also pay a modest fee of $5 to come and browse the merchandise and $3 to enjoy a cuppa and a piece of cake.


It is also a great place to catch-up with friends and chat about photography.


We need volunteers to assist with the setup, manage admissions, man the cafe, provide cakes etc and clean-up afterwards.  

2019-07-03 Exhibition

Landscape - Winter

An expanse of Winter scenery. Landscape includes cityscapes, seascapes, riverscapes and sunsets. An image comprising solely of a single tree or building does not constitute a landscape. A landscape may include objects such as boats, people or animals provided they do not dominate the image.

2019-07-10 Guest Speaker



What one design principle do you associate with this image?




During this workshop our speaker, John Reid, will explore the elements and principles associated with all visual communication and, in particular, the photographic image. He will develop your forensic eye by decoding the environment then recoding that environment into a unified photographic form. You will begin to understand the difference between recording a photograph and creating photographic art.


Get ready for a visual treat.


2019-08-07 Exhibition

Isolated Objects

An image where the main subject is clearly separated from the background and other elements.

2019-09-04 Exhibition

Photojournalism/Social Documentary

Photojournalism implies story-telling photographs such as are seen in the news media and periodicals, which may include documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, sport news or human interest.

Social Documentary is concerned with the portrayal and interpretation of society encompassing both human and non-human subject matter. It can include public space, graffiti, socio economic conditions etc which can be depicted without necessarily including human subjects. Social documentary images do portray a story but possibly not as overtly as photojournalistic stories.

In the interest of credibility, contrived situations or photographic manipulations which alter the truth are not acceptable. The story telling value of the photograph shall be weighed more than the pictorial quality.

2019-10-02 Exhibition

Architectural Composite

A photograph made by combining several distinct images, exploring architectural subjects.

2019-11-06 Exhibition

Photography as Art

The purpose of this award is to encourage photographers to lift their thinking beyond traditional photographic criteria such as sharpness towards the qualities that characterise Great Art. This is easy to say but hard to define. Ideally the image should capture something eternal, beautiful, noteworthy, striking or unusual. It would be a rare image that achieved all of these!

People looking for examples should look to the all-time great art works for inspiration. Clearly these paintings will include but not be restricted to: portraits (such as Rembrandt, Leonardo), landscapes (such as Constable, van Gogh), abstracts (such as Rothko, Kandinsky), human form (such as Ruben, Rodin), and expressionism (such as Munch, Monet).

Any amount or method of photo manipulation is acceptable, however the original image must have been taken by a camera or some other photographic process (e.g. a scanner).

The aim should be to produce an image that one would not be surprised to find hanging in the Perth Art Gallery.