Date Type Description
28/06/2017 Members Night


Shutter Bugs - Faye Arcaro


We will explore a collection of my favourite photographs from around the world from Bali gardens, to Canada, USA, Bali, the Borneo jungle at night and my home in Australia. I will give you tips on how to photograph difficult or fast moving critters as we go on a virtual tour of bugs from around the world.



05/07/2017 Exhibition

Photojournalism/Social Documentary

Photojournalism implies story-telling photographs such as are seen in the news media and periodicals, which may include documentary, contemporary life, illustrative, sport news or human interest.

 Social Documentary is concerned with the portrayal and interpretation of society encompassing both human and non-human subject matter. It can include public space, graffiti, socio economic conditions etc which can be depicted without necessarily including human subjects. Social documentary images do portray a story but possibly not as overtly as photojournalistic stories.

In the interest of credibility, contrived situations or photographic manipulations which alter the truth are not acceptable. The story telling value of the photograph shall be weighed more than the pictorial quality.


19/07/2017 Guest Speaker


Landscape Photography with Adam Monk


02/08/2017 Exhibition


The main focus of the image is to depict a curve or curves in some way, shape or form.


16/08/2017 Guest Speaker




Fine Art Photographer Johannes Reinhart will give Workshop a talk on




Johannes is a fine art photographer and educator based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. His photography is very personal with themes spanning from documenting counterculture to conceptual portraiture and artistic landscapes. The only rule he follows is ‘Shoot from the Heart’, which has helped him to receive some amazing recognition including winning the 2016 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, being named the 2015 AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year and being selected as a finalist at the Lensculture International Street Photography Awards.


06/09/2017 Exhibition


A landscape implies an expanse of scenery. Landscape includes cityscapes, seascapes, riverscapes and sunsets. An image comprising solely of a single tree or building does not constitute a landscape. A landscape may include objects such as boats, people or animals provided they do not dominate the image.


04/10/2017 Exhibition

On the face of it

Your subject could show how an object or situation seems on first consideration, however that opinion could change upon further understanding or investigation.  Or, your image could depict a face or faces, human or otherwise!


01/11/2017 Exhibition

Photography as Art

The purpose of this award is to encourage photographers to lift their thinking beyond traditional photographic criteria such as sharpness towards the qualities that characterise Great Art. This is easy to say but hard to define. Ideally the image should capture something eternal, beautiful, noteworthy, striking or unusual. It would be a rare image that achieved all of these!

People looking for examples should look to the all-time great art works for inspiration. Clearly these paintings will include but not be restricted to: portraits (such as Rembrandt, Leonardo), landscapes (such as Constable, van Gogh), abstracts (such as Rothko, Kandinsky), human form (such as Ruben, Rodin), and expressionism (such as Munch, Monet).

Any amount or method of photo manipulation is acceptable, however the original image must have been taken by a camera or some other photographic process (e.g. a scanner).

The aim should be to produce an image that one would not be surprised to find hanging in the Perth Art Gallery.